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King Technologies

An organization that develops awesome tech content like Projects, tutorials, blogs, etc. Students can join King's Tech School to learn New Technologies.

Welcome to King Technologies

We create Projects, Tutorials & Teach Tech Enthusiast to get Better. Our aim to teach & Build as much as we can. Anyone can join King's Tech School to learn New Technologies.


We have a number of repositories, some important ones include:

Get involved

You can join the fun by following our contributing guide. 🌈 Everyone is welcome!

👩‍💻 All the Documentation regarding repo is on the respective Repos page, your feedback is valuable to us. If you find anything hard to understand or not working for you, please let us know.

🍿 Fun fact - We don't Eat, Drink or Sleep, just Coding in VSCode Zen Mode.

Services we Provide

Android Development

Wow, Android Project! Your App will be in the hand of millions of Users worldwide. We Can Build your App using Java, Kotlin or Flutter at a very reasonable time & price.

Tech School

Enrol in King's Tech School for learning Technologies Like Flutter, Python, JavaScript, C#, .net, & a lot more. You will be ready to Develop Awesome Web, Mobile & Software Projects for Industry with Easy approaches to Complex Programs. Tech School

Web Development

You have an idea of a Web Project! We can build it using the Technology you want like PHP MySQL, MERN Stack, MEAN Stack, MEVN Stack or Django, etc. Share your requirements & Get it done as soon as possible at a very reasonable Price.

Website Improvements

Your Website is lagging, takes a lot of time to load, has issues with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or, Time to Interactivity is very high. No worries, we can Update your Website. So, it has Good Performance, Awesome Accessibility, Best Practices, & Great SEO at a very reasonable time & price.

Graphic Designing

Cool Designs are waiting for you. We can do Logo Designing, Audio, Video, or Photo Editing at whatever Size & format you want or Animations Using Adobe Creative Cloud at a very reasonable time & price.

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🤝 Support

🎀 Contributions (GitHub Flow), 🔥 issues, and 🥮 feature requests are most welcome!

💙 If you like our projects, Give them and Share them with friends!

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  1. Start your project with Single Command

    Python 19 31

  2. Repo for YouTube Video

    HTML 1

  3. Virtual Assistant like a bit of Jarvis, where you can interact it with voice and perform the task very fast and easy

    Python 3 3


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