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Webstack is a staging / production *nix web server configuration package. It aims to provide well optimized configuration files for web servers with a minimum painful setup.

It currently includes config files for:

  • nginx (v1.2.5 tested)
  • uwsgi (v1.4.2 tested)
  • php (v5.4.8 tested with php-fpm)
  • mongodb (not tested yet)

It does not install these software mentioned above but collects their config and log files in one place. Currently, /data folder is being used almost for everything. Such folders should be created:

  • /data/webstack for this package
  • /data/log for the log files, also application specific sub-folders (i.e. /data/log/nginx)
  • /data/env for Python virtualenv root
  • /data/env/myproject/app symbolic link to the project's application directory (see below)
  • /data/app for projects directory (i.e. /data/app/myproject)

You may also need to create symbolic links one-by-one under your /etc/default (to /data/webstack/etc/default) directory to specify where all the configs files to these daemons.

It is currently beta, may cause unexpected results. Use at your own risk.