An Arduino library of mruby/c for ESP32 Arduino
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An Arduino library of mruby/c for ESP32 Arduino

This library can be used for M5Stack.

This is my experimental work. There is no guarantee about this library.



This library depends on ESP32 Arduino library. Please install it in advance.

Import the library to Arduino IDE

Clone this repository.


Copy "mrubyc_for_ESP32_Arduino" to your Arduino library directory.

cp -r mrubyc_for_ESP32_Arduino [your document directory]/Arduino/libraries/mrubyc_for_ESP32_Arduino

Include a header file mrubyc_for_ESP32_Arduino.h.

Implement mruby/c functions

Nothing changed in basic usage of mruby/c. You can use mruby/c APIs. I added following function(s).

  • mrbc_define_user_class

You can refer example files about detailed usage. Of course, you need compiled mruby byte code to run on it.

For example, a LED connected to GPIO 4 can be controlled by following script.

puts "mruby/c example: control LED"
while true

M5Stack support

This library can be applied to M5Stack. In source code, a flag "ARDUINO_M5Stack_Core_ESP32" that comes from compile options is checked. If it is defined, M5 class will be defined. This class is also in development stage. Please refer ext_m5stack.cpp if you want to check more detail.


Some configuration parameters can be modified in "mrubyc_config.h".

    If this is defined, standard out is connected to USB Serial(UART0). Default baudrate is 115200.
    If this is defined, M5Stack Avatar class is defined. (Under construction...)
  3. USE_RGB_LCD If this is defined, RGB_LCD class is defined. It partially supports the Grove RGB character LCD provided by Seeed.
    If this is defined, remote mirb is available. In that case, mruby/c is only used for remote mrib because this affects VM behavior.
  5. ESP32_DEBUG
    If this is defined, some debug messages are shown.

Future work (if I'm good...)

  • define more mruby methods of Arduino library.
  • define more mruby methods of ESP32 library.
  • implement an automatical executer and an uploader of mruby byte code.
  • implement a function about downloading mruby byte code Over The Air.

You may find latest news about this library in my blog.


Refer LICENSE file.