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KIT Data Manager

Generic software and recommendations for FAIR research data management by DEM.

Hi there 👋

We are Data Explotation Methods (DEM), and this is our public software repository. Our group deals with research data management and metadata in particular. DEM is a group of the Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC), which is located at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Feel free to open issues or contact us directly if you have questions. Contributions are highly welcome.


  1. Collection API implementation following the recommendations of the RDA Research Data Collections WG

    Java 4 2

  2. Helper module for KIT DM 2.0 services providing support for dependency management and general purpose implementations.

    Java 1 2

  3. base-repo Public

    Basic repository service used as central component of the KIT DM 2.0 infrastructure.

    Java 3

  4. A cookbook about FAIR Digital Objects. Feel free to suggest recipes via issues.

    Handlebars 1

  5. metastore2 Public

    General purpose metadata repository and schema registry service.

    Java 2 6

  6. repo-core Public

    Java 3



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