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This project intend to provide a very simple way to restart applications when you change source code or resources, thus providing a better workflow.

usage: [-h] [-p PATH] [-a ACTION] [-f SECONDS] [-i IGNORELIST] [-s SECONDS] command

Allows to start a program, and to monitor changes in a folder, when changes are detected in the folder, the command is restarted. This can be useful to test a software you are developping and having immediate feedback. Or to restart a daemon when configuration or data changes. Or any other use, the sky is the limit :)

/!\ if still alive before a restart, the process will be killed, your program has to be able to be killed without corrupting anything, which is always a nice feature for a software anyway :).

positional arguments:


optional arguments:

-h, --help            show this help message and exit

-p PATH, --path PATH  set the path to monitor for changes

-a ACTION, --action ACTION
                    what action to perform when changes are detected

-i FILES, --ignorelist FILES
                    list of filepatterns to ignore use * as glob,
                    used on complete filename

                    (linux only for now) Will prevent anything from
                    stealing focus for SECONDS seconds.

                    ignore all events SECONDS seconds after the last

dummy exemple:

./ -p testdir -i *.sw* -s 2 -a restart ls -l

will restart a ls process every time a file is created/changed/deleted in testdir folder, ignoring all vim swapfiles, and won't listen to any event less than 2 seconds after the last restart.