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A decentralized autonomous organization that delivers fast, affordable and transparent justice for all.


  1. kleros Public

    Kleros smart contracts

    Solidity 215 75

  2. kleros-v2 Public

    Kleros version 2

    Solidity 21 12

  3. Smart contracts able to interact with Kleros

    Solidity 84 63

  4. archon Public

    Provides functionality for Arbitrator and Arbitrable Ethereum smart contracts as defined in ERC 792 and ERC 1497.

    JavaScript 10 3

  5. court Public

    The Kleros court user interface.

    JavaScript 17 13

  6. erc-792 Public

    Implementation of ERC 792: Arbitration Standard and tutorials for implementing arbitrable and arbitrator contracts

    Solidity 25 6


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