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A summary of the Java 14 new features.
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Java 14 New Features

This project covers the Java 14 new features. Java 14 is planned to be generally available in March 2020. At this moment I cover only the syntactical features, but by the GA date I plan to cover all the list available at

The code is available in this project and the explanation and commentary is available in a set of youtube videos. Follow the links below for details.


If you are in the inpatient mode, just start browsing the code. If you have trouble understanding the structure, then maybe it would be good to spend several minutes on the introductory video 📺 (it covers the agenda, logistics, code structuring, presentation style etc.).

If you plan to binge-watch the series, I created a playlist 🎥.

Syntactical Features

JEP # JEP Name Status Video Link Source Link
361 Switch Expressions Standard 📺 📜
368 Text Blocks Second Preview 📺 📜
305 Pattern Matching for instanceof Preview 📺 📜
359 Records Preview 📺 📜

DevOps Utilities

JEP # JEP Name Status Video Link Source Link
358 Helpful NullPointerExceptions Implemented 📺 📜

New APIs

JEP # JEP Name Status Video Link Source Link
370 Foreign-Memory Access API Incubator 📺 📜

Stay Tuned 😉 !

Other resources addressing the same topic

While working on this material, I discovered many other good sources (different than the official OpenJDK site) covering the new Java features. I decided to promote the ones that I liked, especially that they address the topic in a different format than the one I use:

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