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Author: Jack Manning To use:

  1. Open the command prompt and navigate to the directory containing the binary, AirRifleTargetScore-master\
  2. Type the name of the exe, CompSciIndependantProjectJackManning.exe with no paramaters to find the usage for the file.
  3. Type the name of the exe with a pointer to a picture as its argument to score the picture as a target

To compile: Build the open-cv library for visual studio, this is a very intensive process, that will take trial and error, but you will learn a lot about how code works for a program and what goes into an external library like this.

This tutorial should help:

Once this is done, open the project file in visual studio to run a test, you can uncoment the line in the main function of the source.cpp file that says findMissing("PaperTargets6_4.png"); NOTE: this will throw an error and quit on you if you do not have a file named PaperTargets6_4.png in the same directory as your source.cpp, if it gives you trouble and you are sure that the file is in the right place, try importing it in the resource files section of visual studio, on the right side bar.


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