kommander is a file manager with fluent design and maximum customizability
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kmd - Kommander

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Kommander is a file explorer with Fluent Design and maximum customizability

Easily manage your files: create, rename, delete, copy, move.... Be more productive by our new multi-tabbed/multi-window views. Customize every aspect of Kommander to fit your needs. Change how items look, change explorer counts, configure hotkeys for all commands. Not enough? Kommander is open-source, implement your needs in your own.


Build and Run

Just clone the repo and build with Visual Studio 2017.


  • v0.5c released (store version
  • v0.5 released (store version

Core Features and growing

  • Multi-Window Explorer
  • Multi-Tabs in Explorer
  • Fully configurable hotkeys
  • File Contanet Comparer
  • Copy/Cut/Paste from the app to native explorer and vice versa
  • Delete Items
  • Copy Selected item path to clipboard
  • Navigation history (back, forward)
  • Find by typing
  • Explode folder (list all inner items in folder)
  • Cancel long running operations
  • Path-box with navigation by path
  • Drag-drop between kommander explorers and native explorer
  • Drag folder/file to breadcrumb folder to move items to it
  • Drag folder/file to tab header to move items to it
  • Quick extension rename
  • Group extension rename
  • Group files in folder
  • Sort files and folders
  • Quick-access locations
  • Navigate by path
  • Switch between single and double explorer views
  • Switch between GridView and ListView
  • Configure visble data while in ListView
  • The whole visual state is persistable


Fastest way to connect with us is Telegram group.


There are many ways for you to contribute to kommander. The easiest way is to participate in discussion of features and issues. You can also contribute by sending pull requests of features or bug fixes to us. Please refer to the CONTRIBUTING.md for more details.

Code of Conduct

Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct