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This is a Twisted WebSocket to WAMP proxy.

Running your own wwproxy makes it possible to make WAMP calls without supporting the WAMP protocol, instead simply by passing a JSON payload in a HTTP POST.

To start the proxy, run:

twist wwproxy

(or use twistd to run in the background)

Pass '--help' as a parameter for command-line options.

Default connection strings:

  • websocket server: ws://

  • WAMP router: ws://

The following message structures are used for conveying (WAMP) RPC and PubSub semantics, using JSON-encoded messages. Some inspiration has been taken from JSON-RPC.

For a RPC request, use the following structure:

{ "realm": , "method: , "args": [,..], "kwargs": {:,..}, }

For a PUBSUB request, use the following structure:

{ "realm": , "event: , "args": [,..], "kwargs": {:,..}, }

WAMP responses have the following structure:

{ "status": , "response": }

The following HTTP status codes are re-used. Note that some codes are only used in responses to RPC calls.

  • 200 OK
  • 400 Bad Request
  • 401 Unauthorized (realm does not exist or insufficient credentials)
  • 404 Not Found (RPC endpoint not found for the requested method)
  • 500 Internal Server Error (RPC endpoint failure)
  • 501 Not Implemented (RPC endpoint not found for the requested method)
  • 503 Service Unavailable (WAMP router not present)
  • 504 Gateway Timeout (waiting for response from router or RPC endpoint timed out)