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Themes for Wardrobe CMS


This package is no longer maintained.

This package currently contains a basic two-column theme for Wardrobe. It uses most of Bootstrap 3's default styles with minimal overrides. Bootstrap 3 is designed to be mobile-first, so this theme plays nice with smaller screens. It also can be easily configured to use Bootswatch themes - see Configuration.

The goal is to add more themes based on other frameworks.

###How to Install###

  1. Run composer update to install. Alternatively you can install it directly via composer on your Wardrobe installation:

       composer require koomai/wardrobe-themes:dev-master
  2. Add the Service Provider to config/app.php (at the end of the providers array)

  3. Publish this package's configuration file

       php artisan wardrobethemes:config
  4. Copy this package's themes to the public/themes folder

       php artisan wardrobethemes:assets

Note: The artisan commands will overwrite previous files. If you've made custom modifications, do not run these commands without backing up your Wardrobe Themes config file (in config/packages) and themes directory (in public/themes)

In your Wardrobe config file (config/packages/wardrobe/core/wardrobe.php) set the theme to one of the new themes in public/themes folder (currently just bootstrap)


There are some configuration options in config/packages/koomai/wardrobe-themes/config.php

  • theme - You can swap out the default Bootstrap theme with one of the Bootswatch themes here. Options are listed in the comments.
  • excerpt - By default the theme displays one paragraph of each post on the home page. Change this option to false to display entire posts.
  • fonts - Some preset Google fonts combinations to override default fonts from Bootstrap/Bootswatch. Options are listed in the comments.


Themes for Wardrobe CMS






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