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kramdown-syntax-coderay uses coderay to highlight code blocks/spans


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kramdown syntax highlighter based on Coderay

This is a syntax highlighter for kramdown that uses coderay to highlight code blocks and spans when converting to HTML.

Note: Until kramdown version 2.0.0 this math engine was part of the kramdown distribution.


gem install kramdown-syntax-coderay


require 'kramdown'
require 'kramdown-syntax-coderay', syntax_highlighter: :coderay).to_html


To use Coderay, set the option syntax_highlighter to 'coderay' and make sure that Coderay is available. The Coderay library can be installed, e.g., via Rubygems by running gem install coderay.

Note that the 'coderay_*' options are deprecated and should not be used anymore!

The Coderay syntax highlighter supports the following keys of the option syntax_highlighter_opts:

  • span:

    A key-value map of options that are only used when syntax highlighting code spans.

  • block:

    A key-value map of options that are only used when syntax highlighting code blocks.

  • default_lang:

    The default language that should be used when no language is set for a code block.

Furthermore all Coderay options (e.g. css, line_numbers, line_numbers_start, bold_every, tab_width, wrap) can be set directly on the syntax_highlighter_opts option (where they apply to code spans and code blocks) and/or on the span/block keys.

Here is an example that shows how Ruby code is highlighted:

require 'kramdown''* something').to_html
puts 1 + 1


Clone the git repository and you are good to go. You probably want to install rake so that you can use the provided rake tasks.


MIT - see the COPYING file.