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sintl is a tool for translating HTML5 web pages. It's designed with simplicity in mind; so for more complex needs, you may want to stick with itstool or other tools.

This repository consists of bleeding-edge code between versions: to keep up to date with the current stable release of sintl, visit the website. The website also contains canonical tool documentation.

What follows describes using the bleeding-edge version of the system.


To use the bleeding-edge version of sintl (instead of from your system's packages or a stable version), the process it the similar as for source releases.

You'll need expat on your system. It's usually a system library.

Begin by cloning or downloading. Then configure with ./configure, compile with make (BSD make, so it may be bmake on your system), then make install (or use sudo or doas, if applicable).

make install

For development, a simple make will do.

Regression and fuzzing

At this time, there's no facility for fuzzing sintl, but it's a relatively easy thing to set up.

The regression tests may be run with the regress rule:

make regress


All sources use the ISC (like OpenBSD) license. See the file for details.