C# client services to the Ecwid API v1 and v3
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C# client for Ecwid API

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This repository contains models and services C# classes for Ecwid API v1 and v3.

C# Ecwid client is a modern, asynchronous, fast, testable client for Ecwid API

var client = new EcwidClient();
var result = await client.Configure(someShopId, someToken).Orders


The package is compiled for NET45 and .NET Platform Standard 1.4 which include .NET Core and other targets. Read about it.

PM> Install-Package Ecwid -Pre - services and models

PM> Install-Package Ecwid.OAuth -Pre - a pipeline OAuth2 wrapper for ASP.NET Core (aka ASP.NET 5)

Ecwid API

You can learn abount v3 (general) API here

You can learn about v1 (Legacy) API:

  • Orders API here
  • Products API here
  • Instant Order Notifications API here


  • Ecwid.Models - model classes for API v3
  • Ecwid.Models.Legacy - model classes for API v1
  • Ecwid - client for API v3
  • Ecwid.Legacy - client for API v1

How to use

Look wiki pages