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Ruby Classification Script

This is my first ruby script

WARNING This script will delete the 'Agent-specified environment' and 'Production environment' Node Groups because I do not use them. If you do, then remove lines 83 thru 93

Here is how I go about using puppet-classify and the Ruby MongoDB Driver to backup my puppet classifications into MongoDB.

In it, I have two MongoDB databases. One for my local vagrant development environment, and the other for production.

Usage: opts.rb [options]
    -i, --import                     import classifications from mongoDB
    -e, --export                     export classifications to mongoDB
    -f, --file FILENAME              export peconsole classifications to FILENAME (provide full path and filename -> /tmp/classifications.json for example)
    -d, --display DISPLAY            Select which repository to display classifications (puppet, mongo, difference)
    -u, --update-classes             Update/Sync classes
    -h, --help                       Show this message

Ruby MongoDB Driver Tutorial