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Kubernetes Release

This repo contains the tooling and infrastructure to create Kubernetes releases from the kubernetes/kubernetes main repository.


There are several scripts and helpers in this repository a release manager will find useful when managing all kinds of releases (alpha, beta, official, rc) across branches.


Most tools in this repo run by default in mock mode to allow for ease in development and testing.

Tools Description
krel Kubernetes Release Toolbox
This is the new golang based tool for managing releases
anago Release Tool:
The main driver for creating staged builds and releases. This is what runs inside GCB after a job is submitted using krel gcbmgr.
find_green_build Asks Jenkins for a good build to use.
release-notes Scrape GitHub for release notes.
See Release Notes Gathering for more information.
prin To show release tags of a particular PR or commit. Pushes a developer build or CI Jenkins build up to GCS.
script-template Generates a script template in the kubernetes/release ecosystem.
testgridshot Screenshots failing testgrid dashboards and creates a markdown stub that can be copied and pasted into a GitHub issue comment.
This makes it easier to create comments like this as part of the release process.

For information on how to use krel and anago, see the Branch Manager Handbook

Release Notes Gathering

For more extensive build and usage documentation for the release-notes tool, see the documentation.

Once the tool is installed, use release-notes -h/--help.

Building Linux Packages

See the kubepkg documentation for instructions on how to build debs and rpms.


Please see for instructions on how to contribute.

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