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jpds commented Jun 3, 2019

I temporarily removed the metrics-server deployment from our Kubernetes cluster and saw this appear in our flux logs:

flux/flux-7fcb7dd6c4-d9dpd[flux]: ts=2019-06-03T08:05:00.54547656Z caller=loop.go:90 component=sync-loop err="collating resources in cluster for sync: the server could not find the requested resource"

It'd be nice if the log message included what it couldn't find.

laverya commented May 21, 2019

Expected behavior

When running the terraform step, all plan contents should be visible or there should be a scroll bar.

Actual behavior

A scrollbar never appears, and content clips off the bottom of the screen. If the page zoom is changed, content reflows and a scroll bar appears.


  • Ship version: 0.43.1
  • Command line run: ship init ./ship.yaml
  • Chrome v
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