Emacs 24 config for Clojure and web development using HTML/CSS/JavaScript
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My Emacs 24 config files for Clojure and Ruby stuff.


First Time Install

  1. Create a softlink to the dot-emacs.d directory in ~/.emacs.d

    $ cd emacs24-config
    $ ln -s `pwd`/dot-emacs.d ~/.emacs.d
  2. Start the GUI Emacs app - it will take time to download/install extensions

  3. Quit Emacs

  4. Create a softlink to the file dot-emacs.d/username.el in ~/.emacs.d/${USER}.el

    $ cd emacs24-config
    $ ln -s `pwd`/dot-emacs.d/username.el ~/.emacs.d/${USER}.el
  5. Start Emacs again to see effect

  6. For web development using swank-js install Node.js first. (Ubuntu folks should get a newer version than what apt-get gives.)

  7. To enable flycheck, you may need Node.js (see #6) as a common dependency first. Then, install the following (find external linters with C-c ! ?):


  1. Remove all files/folders except *.project, init.el, packages.el, setup-slime-js.el and username.el
  2. Follow the steps listed in First Time Install


  • Press Super-j (Cmd+j on Mac, Win+j on PC) to open a project

  • Press Super-i (Cmd+i on Mac, Win+i on PC) to open Dirtree (file explorer)

  • For CSS/JS web development, either run M-x slime-js-jack-in-node or

    • start webapp at port 3000
    • start swank-js using npm run swank
    • run M-x slime-connect

    Then visit http://localhost:8009/swank-js/test.html in browser.