Collection of Java examples following the Flow Design and IODA Architecture
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JavaFlow Examples

This repository collects arbitrary examples implemented in Java which follows the Flow Design paradigm and the IODA Architecture by Ralf Westphal.

All examples are implemented in Java 8 applying the new lambda notation extensively.

Currently only one example has been implemented - ConvertRoman.


This example implements a conversion from and to roman numerals. It implements closely the design described in Ralf Westpahl's article "IODA Architecture by Example" making this implementation comparable to the C# based implementation made by him and within better comprehensible.

In general, the example implements the follwing flow chart:


The following shows the implementation of the Convert method and the main run method:

Java implementation of Convert and Run methods

This is quite similar to Ralf's C# implementation: C# implementation of Convert and Run methods

I have written a detailed blog post on this example as well as Flow Design and IODA Architectur applied to Java, in general - check it out and follow me.