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Liberating your data from Facebook in one simple step
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Scrapebook - Because Facebook shouldn't own your soul

Scrapebook uses Facebook's Graph API to download all your data from Facebook to your personal computer. Currently, the script downloads:

  • Photos
  • Notes
  • Videos
  • Limited Friend Information

Events are next


Due to Facebook's policies, I cannot download your friend's email addresses, instant messaging usernames, or physical addresses. If you want this to change, please send a complaint to Facebook.


Python 2.7 or 3.2 which can be found here:


Since the Graph API uses OAuth 2.0, this script requires an extra step. Log into Facebook and head over to Click on the "Photos:" link, and copy the access_token variable from the address bar. Simply pass this value into the script as shown

python -t "AUTH_TOKEN"

and all your data will be downloaded into a folder titled "facebook" in the current directory

Note: The quotes around the access token are very important


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