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GO GitHub project manager

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gogh is forked from ghq.

$ gogh list

gogh provides a way to organize remote repository clones, like go get does. When you clone a remote repository by gogh get, gogh makes a directory under a specific root directory (by default ~/go/src) using the remote repository URL's host and path. And creating new one by gogh new, gogh make both of a local project and a remote repository.

$ gogh get
# Runs `git clone ~/go/src/`

You can also list projects (local repositories) (gogh list).


For Golang developers

$ go get


$ brew tap kyoh86/tap
$ brew update
$ brew install kyoh86/tap/gogh


$ mkdir -p gogh_build && \
  cd gogh_build && \
  curl -L --silent | tar -xvz
$ makepkg -i

Available commands

Show projects

Command Description
gogh list List local projects
gogh repos List remote repositories

Manipulate projects

Command Description
gogh create Create a new project with a remote repository
gogh delete Delete a repository with a remote repository
gogh fork Fork a repository
gogh clone Clone a repository to local


Command Description
gogh roots Manage roots
gogh servers Manage servers
gogh bundle Manage bundle
gogh help Help about any command

Use gogh [command] --help for more information about a command. Or see the manual in usage/


gogh manages projects under the roots directories.

Seealso: Directory structures

You can change the roots with roots add <path> or roots remove <path> and see all of them by roots list. gogh uses the first one as the default one, create, fork or clone will put a local project under it. If you want to change the default, use roots set-default <path>.

Default: ~/Projects.


gogh manages respositories in some servers that pairs of a user and a host name. To login in new server or logout, you should use servers login. gogh uses the first server as the default one. When you specify a repository with amonguous user or host, it will be interpolated with a default server.

I.E. when servers are:

    • user: kyoh86
    • user: foobar

Amonguas repository names will be interpolated:

Amonguals name Interpolated name


Manual: usage/

Directory structures

Local projects are placed under gogh.roots with named `host/user/repo.

|-- google/
|   +-- go-github/
|-- kyoh86/
|   +-- gogh/
+-- alecthomas/
  +-- kingpin/


MIT License

This software is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE. And this software is based on ghq.