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LabJackPython: Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) Python modules and
examples for the LabJack U3, U6, UE9 and U12.

LabJackPython requires Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.x. Please report bugs to or on GitHub:

To use Modbus first check that your LabJack device meets the minimum required
firmware version listed on this page:

To upgrade firmware look at this page:

To use Modbus on a UE9 over Ethernet, install Comm firmware 1.50 or higher.

To install LabJackPython, run the following command in a terminal (remove "sudo"
on Windows):

    $ sudo python install

If there are multiple versions Python installed, run the install command with
the Python version you want to install to. For example, on Linux if both
Python 2.7 and 3.5 are installed, you can install to Python 3.5 with:

    $ sudo python3.5 install

From there, interacting with your devices is easy.

For U3:
>>> import u3
>>> d = u3.U3()
>>> d.configU3()
{'BootloaderVersion': '0.27',
 'CIODirection': 0,
>>> d.close()

For U6:
>>> import u6
>>> d = u6.U6()
>>> d.configU6()
{'BootloaderVersion': '6.15',
 'FirmwareVersion': '0.88',
>>> d.close()

For UE9:
>>> import ue9
>>> d = ue9.UE9()
>>> d.commConfig()
{'IPAddress' : ''
>>> d.close()

For U12:
>>> import u12
>>> d = u12.U12()
>>> d.eAnalogIn(0)
{'overVoltage': 0,
 'idnum': 0,
 'voltage': 1.42578125
>>> d.close()

For examples, check the Examples directory.

For documentation, please refer to the docstrings in the module source code,
or use the help function on the module, class or method.

For the U3, refer to its source, or use the “help(u3)” call in Python
(“import u3” beforehand).

For the U6, refer to its source, or use the “help(u6)” call in Python
(“import u6” beforehand).

For the UE9, refer to its source, or use the “help(ue9)” call in Python
(“import ue9” beforehand).

For the U12, refer to its source, or use the “help(u12)” call in Python
(“import u12” beforehand).

For additional information, go to the LabJackPython page on LabJack's website:


All LabJackPython library and example source code are licensed under MIT X11.
The license can be found in the LICENSE file.
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