Email Studio is a Gmail add-on that includes Mail Merge, Email Scheduler, Forwarder, Auto-Responder and more.
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Email Studio for Gmail ⭐️ 💡

Email Studio for Gmail adds more power 💪 to your Gmail mailbox. The add-on is developed by Amit Agarwal 👨 for Digital Inspiration.

You can use Email Studio inside the Gmail website as well as the Gmail app for Android. Here's a list of features that are packed inside Email Studio.

Email Merge

Send personalized email messages to multiple Google Contacts from a single draft message in Gmail.

Email Scheduler

Schedule emails inside Gmail and send them later at your preferred date and time even on a recurring schedule.

Email Forwarder

Forward your email messages from Gmail to any other email address, automatically.

Email Responder

Send smart auto-replies (better than Gmail Canned Responses) both old and new email messages in Gmail.

Email Cloner

Create one or more copies of Gmail drafts for sending to different contacts manually.

Email Cleanup

Auto-sweep emails, archive, delete or move them to different folders based on the age of emails.

Email Unsubscriber

Automatically unsubscribe from bulk emails and mailing lists in Gmail

Google Add-ons 🚀

The Gmail add-on is developed by Amit Agarwal with Google Apps Script. You can use the Apps Script Starter Kit to quickly setup your own ES6 development environment inside Visual Studio Code.

👉 Install Email Studio for Gmail 👈

At Digital Inspiration, we build Google add-ons that use the capabilities and the features of GSuite for automating business processes and driving business productivity. Some of our popular add-ons include:

Get in touch 👋

For help, email or sent a tweet at @labnol.