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Another front-end framework you don't really need...
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DEPRECATED! For now...

I will rework this with using Postcss very soon. note


Another front-end framework you don't really need...

Quick update (8th july 2015) : I recently switched to the SCSS syntax (not because i do not love the Sass syntax anymore, but because lazy people everywhere use SCSS because "I can just copy paste css into it, yaaay". So... i comply with the masses). I authorise you to bash me into hell for betray the Sass syntax. But you can still use it in your tpl files. This is just for the mixins/config. I do not commit the latest changes because i have a lot more to do and i'm not sure of the general direction of this framework, mainly because i use Kirby CMS now, i still use Jade but for low profile projects. Maybe i should split the jade code and the scss on two separate repos, maybe not. The gulp file is also a mess, if you have any suggestions, it will be appreciated.

Thanx, Stay tuned.

Synappcss : what is it?

So... i putted jade/sass/bourbon/neat/pleeease/imageoptim/coffeescript & more together... Gulp do the work nicely but i still need to improve it. Just look at the package.json or the gulpfile if you want to know more or contribute.

It's a personnal work, i do it with no intend to make it perfect, but if i do it well, i will be happy.

As a French, i also intend to make a french alias to any sass/jade mixin i wrote. And even translate some famous bourbon/neat mixins to french. Easy to do.


Kanboard powered, it's here. You can open an issue on this repository if you have any idea on how i can improve this micro framework. Especially on the gulpfile.


  • gulp = default task (basically compile & optimise all the things)

  • gulp watch = same as gulp + browser-sync

  • gulp clean:prod = clean the prod folder

  • gulp clean:dev = just joking, are u a masochist?

  • gulp zip:prod = zip the prod folder

  • gulp zip:dev = zip the dev folder

  • gulp img = optimise pictures

  • And some more for individual tasks (like gulp js or gulp coffee...)

  • I recommend using gulp watch in dev, and when you want to go in prod use : gulp clean:prod & gulp & gulp zip:prod

  • If you have any idea on how to "do more" with my gulpfile, tell me. (things like dploy for example)

Note :

Still learning git/github but i figured out this :

Github seems to be annoying with tabs, but you can append ?ts=2 or ?ts=4 to the URL to change the tab-size. For example : OR: install this with greasemonkey

Also, i'm french so if you are... ce ne sera pas la peine de s'embêter à parler anglais.

Thats all !

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