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  1. lambdaworks Public

    The library for kids who wanna learn how to do SNARKs and learn other cryptographic stuff too

    Rust 406 51

  2. cairo-vm Public

    cairo-vm is a Rust implementation of the Cairo VM. Cairo (CPU Algebraic Intermediate Representation) is a programming language for writing provable programs, where one party can prove to another th…

    Rust 401 79

  3. erlings Public

    Small exercises to get you used to reading and writing Erlang code

    Erlang 164 28

  4. An up to date riak_core tutorial, using basho's riak_core, Erlang/OTP 23-24-25 and rebar3.

    Erlang 147 11

  5. Patricia Merkle Tree implementation in Rust

    Rust 127 10

  6. STARK101-rs Public

    STARK 101 Workshop in Rust 🐺🦀

    Jupyter Notebook 114 13


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