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  1. erlings

    Small exercises to get you used to reading and writing Erlang code

    Erlang 76 6

  2. riak_core_tutorial

    An up to date riak_core tutorial, using the riak_core_ng fork, Erlang/OTP 21 and rebar3

    Erlang 88 6

  3. holiday_ping

    Erlang/Cowboy + ClojureScript/re-frame + PostgreSQL application that sends holiday reminders via slack, mail, etc

    Erlang 54 4

  4. elephant_in_the_room

    Simple wordpress replacement coded in Elixir + Phoenix + Ecto + PostgreSQL + Docker

    CSS 8

  5. buzzconf

    A conference by devs for devs. Functional Programming, Distributed Systems, Big Data and Machine Learning Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    HTML 20 2

  6. webrtc-server

    Signaling and ICE servers for WebRTC in Erlang

    Erlang 45 6

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