The only iOS weather app for just telling you how it feels where you are
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Feels Like (for iOS) - Coming Eventually

Join the public beta:

❄️⛄️ who cares that it's 20° when it FEELS LIKE -5°! ❄️⛄️
☀️🌞 who cares that it's 87° when it FEELS LIKE 102°! ☀️🌞

Introducing Feels Like:
The first and only weather app for iOS that EXCLUSIVELY tells you the what the temperature feels like

Instructions to build in Xcode

Thanks for your interest in working on Feels Like! If you would like to see how Feels Like works or contribute directly, feel free to clone the repository or create a pull request.

1️⃣ - Get an API Key

The first thing you will need to do register with Dark Sky and get a your own private API key.

Important: Keep this key private!

2️⃣ - Put your API key in a Property List

In the Feels Like directory, you will need to make a property list file with your API key.

  • Open Feels Like.xcworkspace in Xcode
  • File --> New --> File...
  • Select Property List
  • Press Next
  • Name the file keys
  • Make sure the file is created in the Feels Like directory
  • Press Create
  • Open keys.plist in Xcode
  • Press the button to add a new item
    • Key: darkSkyKey
    • Type: String
    • Value: YOUR_API_KEY

3️⃣ - Build and run!

If you run into issues, let me know.