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API tester for laravel-admin

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Inspired by laravel-api-tester.

Documentation | 中文文档




$ composer require laravel-admin-ext/api-tester -vvv

$ php artisan vendor:publish --tag=api-tester

Then last run flowing command to import menu and permission:

$ php artisan admin:import api-tester

Finally open http://localhost/admin/api-tester.


api-tester supports 3 configuration, open config/admin.php find extensions:

    'extensions' => [
        'api-tester' => [
            // route prefix for APIs
            'prefix' => 'api',

            // auth guard for api
            'guard'  => 'api',

            // If you are not using the default user model as the authentication model, set it up
            'user_retriever' => function ($id) {
                return \App\User::find($id);


Licensed under The MIT License (MIT).