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Umbraco Unit Testing.sln

Unit testing samples for Umbraco

This is a playground for unit-tests with Umbraco.
Samples include stubbing all dependencies, as well as techniques for avoiding stub purgatory.

All the samples exploit a class called UmbracoSupport that you should include in your solution. See the notes about adapter assembly. This class contains almost everything you need to set up tests with Umbraco. It depends on, and relies heavily on Umbraco's own tests.
Those are available via Nuget as the community built package Our.Umbraco.Community.Tests. (Thanks @kedde)



  • The database tests currently doesn't work. I'm sure it has to do with the UmbracoSupport class or maybe the transactions. :) Leave it for now.
  • The database is empty. Clear the connection string and run the installer to have the web project run. No starterkit needed.
  • If database tests break, make sure to copy subfolders from web\bin to tests\bin output.

Adapter assembly and internals

  • In Umbraco 7.6.4, a new InternalVisibleTo was added for the assembly Umbraco.UnitTesting.Adapter. By putting support code in a project with that assembly name and referencing it in your test, you may call Umbraco internals without reflection from your tests. This technique is strongly discouraged for production code. The internals will change!
  • For pre Umbraco 7.6.4 you can use the assembly name Umbraco.VisualStudio.
  • The fact that internals change and your tests will break also means that you'll learn about new features and architectural changes faster. That's a bonus. :)
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