A simple free market simulator engine. Based on "Emergent Economies for Role Playing Games" by Doran and Parberry.
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A simple agent-based free market simulator engine.

This engine consists of various "Agents" trading commodities, with emergent free-floating prices that rise and fall according to the laws of supply and demand.

The eventual goal is to create an open-source "Economics engine" for games and simulations, much like contemporary open-source "Physics engines."

Based on "Emergent Economies for Role Playing Games" by Jonathon Doran and Ian Parberry.

Source: Procedural Content Generation

Building the example project

  1. Read this: Getting Started with OpenFL
  2. Install Haxe and OpenFL and everything according to the above instructions
  3. Install the hscript library (a dependency of bazaarBot): haxelib install hscript
  4. Clone this repo somewhere on your hard-drive, let's call that path/to/bazaarbot
  5. On the command line type haxelib dev bazaarbot path/to/bazaarbot to add bazaarbot as a Haxe library.
  6. Open a command-line, navigate to path/to/bazaarbot/examples/doran_and_parberry
  7. Run lime build flash to compile for flash
  8. Run lime build windows to compile for cpp/windows (or lime build mac or lime build linux, etc)
  9. Run lime build html5 to compile for html5
  10. Binary executables will appear in the Export/ folder
  11. Substitute lime test instead of lime build if you want to build AND immediately run the result.