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Visualizing Flutter GitHub repository activity with Flutter web.
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Image of Github Data Visualization

Welcome to our Data Visualization demo for Flutter Web. This was part of the initial set of demos for Flutter Web when it was announced at Google I/O 2019. This project uses activity data from the main Flutter github repository over the four year lifespan of the project, then plots it in an animated layered chart.

More details are available on the project page on our website.

How to run the app

Generally just follow the instructions at, but the following steps are usually enough:

  1. Install the flutter_web build tools:

    $ flutter pub global activate webdev
  2. Update packages.

    $ flutter packages upgrade
    ! flutter_web 0.0.0 from path ../../flutter_web
    ! flutter_web_ui 0.0.0 from path ../../flutter_web_ui
    Running "flutter packages upgrade" in hello_world...                5.0s

    If that succeeds, you're ready to run it!

  3. Build and serve the example locally.

    $ webdev serve
    [INFO] Generating build script completed, took 331ms
    [INFO] Building new asset graph completed, took 1.4s
    [INFO] Running build completed, took 27.9s
    [INFO] Succeeded after 28.1s with 618 outputs (3233 actions)
    Serving `web` on http://localhost:8080

    Open http://localhost:8080 in Chrome to see the visualization.

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