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LaunchDarkly sample Android application

We've built a simple mobile application written in Kotlin that demonstrates how LaunchDarkly's SDK works. Below, you'll find the basic build procedure, but for more comprehensive instructions, you can visit your Quickstart page or the Android reference guide.

Build instructions

  1. Make sure you have Android Studio installed.
  2. Edit MainApplication.kt and MainActivity.kt in the src/main/java/com/launchdarkly/hello_android directory and set the value of LAUNCHDARKLY_MOBILE_KEY to your LaunchDarkly mobile key. If there is an existing boolean feature flag in your LaunchDarkly project that you want to evaluate, set BOOLEAN_FLAG_KEY to the flag key.
    val LAUNCHDARKLY_MOBILE_KEY = "mobile-key-from-launch-darkly-website"
    val BOOLEAN_FLAG_KEY = "my-boolean-flag"
  1. Run your application through the Emulator or on a real device.

You should receive the message ”Feature flag ‘’ is <true/false> for this context”.

Looking for a Java example?

You can find an example mobile application written in Java in this Github repository.