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Minify and obfuscate GLSL or HLSL code
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Shader Minifier

Shader Minifier is a tool that minifies and obfuscates shader code (GLSL and HLSL). Its original use-case is for the demoscene, for optimizing 4k and 64k intros. It is also suitable for reducing the size of the shaders in other applications (e.g. webgl, games).

The code is tested with:

  • F# 4.0 on Windows (Visual Studio Community 2015)
  • F# 3.0 on Linux and Mono 3.2.8

Slightly outdated user manual:


Download Shader Minifier here:

It is a command-line tool. Without argument, it will show the usage. If you are not on Windows, you will need mono:

$ shader_minifier.exe  # Windows
$ mono shader_minifier.exe  # Linux, Mac...

Important options

  • List the shaders you want to minify on the command-line.

  • Use -o to choose the output file (by default, it will use shader_code.h). If you pass - for the output, it will be printed on stdout.

  • Use --format to control the output format. By default, it will create a C header. There are other options to get only the shader, or have it in a .js or nasm file.

  • Use --help to see all the options. You can for example have some control on what gets renamed.

Contributions are welcome.

Created by Laurent Le Brun (LLB / Ctrl-Alt-Test).

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