Simple one-stream download module with progress bar and speed meter
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pyfileget v0.2.1dev - simple console download module

Language: Python

Features: continue downloading, statusbar, speedmeter, safe(local files will not be overwritten)

Description: Simple file download module for using in your scripts with console output. Pyfileget uses only standart python2 libs(urllib and urllib2 for connections and downloading).

Usage example:

from pyfileget import download, DownloadError
path = "path/to/save"
url = ""
    newPath = download(url, path)
except (DownloadError, KeyboardInterrupt), e:
    print e, "Download aborted.\n"
    print "\nFile [%s] has been downloaded.\n" % newPath

Where path may be path to folder or file, if path is empty file will be saved to the current working directory. If localfile exists then downloading will be aborting.

Notice: I dont give a shit how it works on Windows. I even didnt try this.

Author: Dmitriy Kalinin (