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resonate 2013 clojure/overtone workshop

(This is a clone of the original repo at, but now is the new master branch since I moved all repos from to GH)

This repo contains a collection of examples created for and during the Clojure & Overtone workshop on 21 March 2013 in Belgrade as part of Resonate 2013 festival.

All examples are fully documented and meant to be executed interactively in the REPL:

  • ex01_phrasestudy: generating patterns using clojure sequence API
  • ex02_bday: defining a scale-free melody and manipulating it
  • ex03_graph: using Incanter to explain harmonics and their impact on waveforms
  • ex04_midi: building a simple MIDI controllable drumkit w/ samples from
  • ex05_synthesis: a closer look at Overtone's & Supercollider's synthesis building blocks
  • ex06_quilstep: using Quil (Clojure wrapper for Processing) to create a simple GUI for the dubstep synth from ex05

Workshop environment (Eclipse)

Clojure can be integrated with may different tools, but if you're completely new to Clojure, I recommend using Eclipse with the Counterclockwise (CCW) plugin:

Setup Eclipse + CCW

  • Download Eclipse (e.g. Classic or Eclipse for Java developers)
  • Launch Eclipse
  • Choose/confirm workspace folder (only on 1st start)
  • Choose Help > Install new software...
  • In the dialog, press Add... to create a new plugin update site and use these details:
  • Tick the box for "Clojure Programming", then click Next and follow instructions
  • Restart Eclipse

Import project

  • Choose File > Import... > General > Existing project
  • Browse to folder where you checked out/downloaded this project
  • Tick box next to "resonate-2013"
  • Click Finish

Launching project REPL

  • Open one of the examples in the project's src folder
  • Right click in the editor and choose Clojure > Load File in REPL or press (Alt+Command+L)


  • Right click on "resonate-2013" project name in Package Explorer
  • Choose Run As > Clojure Application

Using Leiningen

Leiningen is the de-facto standard build tool for Clojure (It's also included in the Eclipse CCW plugin). If you prefer running a REPL directly via the command line, simply:

  • Clone or download this repo
  • cd into the project directory
  • lein repl to start the REPL


Copyright © 2013 Karsten Schmidt

Distributed under the MIT License, the same as Overtone.


Clojure/Overtone workshop at Resonate festival 2013



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