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Plugins for MySQL Shell
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A collection of MySQL Shell example plugins.

After installing this plugin collection into the .mysqlsh/plugins/ext folder it will register a new MySQL Shell global object called "ext" and load several plugin categories at MySQL Shell startup.

To get help about the individual plugins type \? ext.

MySQL JS> \? ext.schema
      schema - Schema management and utilities.


      A collection of schema management tools and related utilities that work
      on schemas

            Provides help about this object and it's members

      showProcedures([schema][, session])
            Lists all stored procedures.

MySQL JS> ext.schema.showProcedures()
| ROUTINE_SCHEMA | ROUTINE_NAME                        |
| sys            | extract_schema_from_file_name       |
| sys            | extract_table_from_file_name        |

MySQL JS> \py
Switching to Python mode...

MySQL PY> ext.schema.show_procedures()
| ROUTINE_SCHEMA | ROUTINE_NAME                        |
| sys            | extract_schema_from_file_name       |
| sys            | extract_table_from_file_name        |


To install this demo on your machine type the following commands after you have installed the MySQL Shell and the git command line tools.

This will clone the repository and copy the files to the right path in order to be automatically loaded on MySQL Shell startup.

Please note: This plugin collection needs to be installed into a folder called ext.

macOS / Linux

$ mkdir -p ~/.mysqlsh/plugins
$ git clone ~/.mysqlsh/plugins/ext


$ mkdir %AppData%MySQL\mysqlsh\plugins
$ git clone %AppData%MySQL\mysqlsh\plugins\ext

Extending the MySQL Shell

Please take a look at the demo/ file to learn how to extend the MySQL Shell with plugins.

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