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Command line interface for YouTrack written in Python.
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Youtrack CLI

Command line interface for Youtrack designed to suit Quantlane workflow. Written for Python 2 because of official youtrack library incompatible with Python 3. This code is Python 3 compatible though.


pip install git+
echo "export YOUTRACK_API_URL=''" >> ~/.profile
echo "export YOUTRACK_AUTH_TOKEN='get-this-in-your-youtrack-profile'" >> ~/.profile


$ yt last --mine
PROJ-123 Task 1 summary
PROJ-120 Task 2 summary
$ yt issue RES 'Test task' -a some.assignee -r some.reviewer -u 'Some subproject' -t 'Short term' -m MILE-123
$ yt done RES-123
$ yt reviewed RES-123
$ yt show RES-123
$ yt browse RES-123
$ yt command RES-123 'Any YouTrack command' 
$ yt --help

Usage together with bash aliases for filling usual projects/assignees/... is recommended!

echo "alias ytabc='yt issues ABC -a my.username -r reviewer ...'" >> ~/.profile
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