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TarasKunyk Merge branch 'develop'
* develop: (99 commits)
  Remove excessive targets. [touch:#1789]
  Change section headers colors in event detail screen. [touch:#1806]
  Change signing
  Change drupalcamp bundle and signing.
  Change drupalCamp signing.
  Change signing for drupalCamp
  Update DrupalCon server and base urls. [touch:#1799]
  Update side menu icons. [touch:#1799]
  Add navigationBarItems and sidebar menu text colors into app configuration class and theme bundle for Connfa, DrupalCon and DrupalCamp targets. [touch:#1440] Add entitlements for DrupalCon target. [touch:#1799]
  Update app icon for drupalcon target. [touch:#1799]
  Fix app crash when switching between schedules. [touch:#1805]
  Update assets for drupalcon
  Fix social events filter placeholder. [touch:#1792]
  Fix schedule sharing hint text. [touch:#1796]
  Update part of assets for DrupalCon. [touch:#1799]
  Disable possibility to share not created schedule. [touch:#1804]
  Fix date formatter for speaker detail screen.[touch:#1793]
  Fix incorrect placeholder in social events screen. [touch:#1792]
  Update date label color for events cell. [touch:#1791]
  Update  hint text and My Schedule menu. [touch:#1796]
Latest commit a571939 Sep 1, 2017