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These are my Vim files. I created them over the time to suit my needs, so don't expect lots and lots of useless stuff here. :smile:


Vim 7.4. Tested on Mac OS X with both MacVim and command-line Vim, but it should work on other environments without problems.

Included plugins


Clone this repo into your home directory:

git clone git:// ~/vimfiles

Go to the cloned repo and then update submodules:

cd ~/vimfiles
git submodule update --init

Link vimrc for command-line Vim and gvimrc for MacVim:

ln -s ~/vimfiles/vimrc ~/.vimrc
ln -s ~/vimfiles/gvimrc ~/.gvimrc

Install all plugins using Vundle.vim (it is normal to see some warnings here):

vim +PluginInstall +qall

Start vim and enjoy! :beer:


CtrlP is activated by <Leader><space>. Once it is open, you can use the following key combinations:

Map Description
F5 Refresh file list
CTRL+F Select next mode
CTRL+B Select previous mode
CTRL+D Toggle filename only mode
CTRL+R Toggle regexp mode
CTRL+P Select previous string from search history
CTRL+N Select next string from search history
CTRL+T Open selected file in a new tab
CTRL+X Open selected file in a horizontal split
CTRL+V Open selected file in a vertical split
CTRL+Z Mark/unmark multiple files
CTRL+O Open marked files

You can run :help ctrlp-mappings for more information about CtrlP key maps.

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