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PHP SDK Skeleton

A skeleton for PHP SDK development.


composer require leo108/php_sdk_skeleton -vvv

Quick Start

Let's get started with creating a simple github sdk using REST Api.

Create a class extends Leo108\SDK\AbstractApi, override the getFullApiUrl method.

class RepositoryApi extends Leo108\SDK\AbstractApi {
    protected function getFullApiUrl($api)
        return ''.$api;

Create a method called list which will list all repos of a user.

class RepositoryApi extends Leo108\SDK\AbstractApi {
    public function list($username)
        return $this->apiGet('users/'.$username.'/repos');

Create a class extends Leo108\SDK\SDK, implement the getApiMap method.

class GithubSDK extends Leo108\SDK\SDK {
    protected function getApiMap()
        return [
            'repository' => RepositoryApi::class,

All Done. Let's try it out.

$sdk  = new GithubSDK();
// $resp is a Psr\Http\Message\ResponseInterface object
$resp = $sdk->repository->list('leo108');

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