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DRLSE level set segmentation
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  • Python 2.7
  • Scikit Image 0.11.x (for CHT and basic image processing (gaussian filter))
  • Matplotlib (for I/O)
  • Numpy (for numerical applications)
  • Pillow (Python Imaging Library) (for saving)

Development Environment

For my own use, I developed/tested on Windows, with the latest Anaconda Python distribution as of Dec 2, 2015. For some reason, there an issue with their version of matplotlib and I ran "conda update matplotlib" to update to the latest matplotlib and the error was resolved.

How to Run

To run the example code, change into the directory of interest and run the script.

For example $ cd cell_seq $ python ../ will process all the cell images in the cell_seq directory. There should be both a real-time display of the processing and output images saved to the /out/ folder.

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