Generate an HTML5 Application Cache for a Webpack build
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Application Cache plugin for Webpack


var AppCachePlugin = require('appcache-webpack-plugin');

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    new AppCachePlugin({
      cache: ['someOtherAsset.jpg'],
      network: null,  // No network access allowed!
      fallback: ['failwhale.jpg'],
      settings: ['prefer-online'],
      exclude: ['file.txt', /.*\.js$/],  // Exclude file.txt and all .js files
      output: 'my-manifest.appcache'


  • cache: An array of additional assets to cache.
  • network: An array of assets that may be accessed via the network. Defaults to ['*'].
  • fallback: An array of fallback assets.
  • settings: An array of settings.
  • exclude: An array of strings or regex patterns. Assets in the compilation that match any of these patterns will be excluded from the manifest.
  • output: The filename to write the appcache to