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Liberate Science GmbH

Growing realistic alternatives for research.

Welcome ✊

We work openly, and our GitHub organization is the central node of our work. Anybody is welcome to our GitHub organization, so let us know with just two clicks if you want to be invited!

Our main project is Here's some helpful resources we think you will like:

If you 💜 us - the best way to support the project is to become a ResearchEquals supporting member - it comes with perks like quarterly assemblies where you and the other supporters get to tell us what to do different or more of!


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    Research module server

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  2. rfp rfp Public

    Tracking funding proposals for Liberate Science

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  3. Public

    This repository contains the ResearchEquals archive code and content.

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  4. handbook handbook Public

    Tracking all Liberate Science GmbH policies.

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