Scala client for the Lightning data visualization server (WIP)
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Lightning scala client

Scala client for the Lightning data visualization server (WIP)

Build Status

##installation Build the project using sbt and the assembly plugin

sbt assembly

To then use lightning in the scala REPL, just add the jar to your classpath (here we are assuming you launch from inside lightning-scala)

scala -classpath target/scala-2.10/lightning-scala-assembly-0.1.0.jar


###creating a new session

import org.viz.lightning._

val lgn = Lightning(host="")

lgn.createSession("provide an optional session name")

###creating a visualization Methods are available for the default visualization types included with Lightning

lgn.scatter(Array(1.0,2.0,3.0), Array(1.0,1.5,5.0))

###setting options Visualizations can be customized through optional parameters

lgn.line(Array(Array(1.0,1.0,2.0),Array(3.0,9.0,20.0)), label=Array(1,2))
lgn.scatter(Array(1.0,2.0,3.0), Array(1.0,1.5,5.0), label=Array(1,2,3))

###using a custom plot For any other plot type, just specify by name, and provide the data as a Map

lgn.plot("line", Map("series" -> List(1,1,2,3,9,20)))

This is especially useful when working with custom plot types

##tests Run the unit tests using sbt by calling

sbt test

You can specify a name to run a subset of the tests

sbt "test-only *LightningPlotsSuite*"

The tests require that a local lightning server is running on http://localhost:3000

##todo The following components need to be added

  • Add updating and appending
  • Add ability to post images
  • Add image-related visualizations (image, gallery, volume)
  • Add streaming visualizations (scatter, line)