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What is Chililog?

Chililog is a log aggregation, analysis and monitoring server.

  • Chililog aggregates your log entries using 'publishers'. The goal is to create publishers that work on different platforms/frameworks/languages. Publishers transmits your log entries to Chililog Server for storage.

  • Chililog allows you to view your aggregated logs in real time. You can also search, filter and sort historical log entries.

  • Chililog monitors your logs for patterns that you define. If your pattern is matched, you will be notified.

Live Demo

Here are the video and DYI instructions on how to access our live demo.

You'll stream javascript console.log from one browser to another browser via Chililog.

How to get hold of Chililog?

Chililog is open source software published under the Apache License Version 2.0.

Download it here.

Hope you find it as useful and we do.

Why build it?

I had a big problem the other day (back in 2010) when my data centre provider claimed that I had exceeded by bandwidth allowance.

To find out what was causing my unusually high bandwidth usage, I had to aggregate logs from the firewall, load balancer, web server and app servers.

Wow - what a pain in the arse!

The logs were in different formats, the timestamps were in different timezones and I had to wait 1 week before I got access to the firewall logs.

I tried to find open source software but I could not find one that did everything I needed in one package.

It was at this moment when the idea for Chililog was born.

Technical Titbits

I've used Chililog to find out about newer technologies (well ... new as of 2010).

  • Chililog has a browser based client coded in HTML5 and javascript. It uses Sproutcore2 and jQuery Ajax to communicate with the server.
  • Server coded in Java and uses open source
  • There are also tools to help you publish (write) and subscribe (read) log entries:


The current road map is:

  • JAN 2011 - Integrate HornetQ and mongoDB, parse incoming logs and store to mongoDB. (Done)

  • MAY 2011 - Chiliog Log server without UI. (Done)

  • JUL 2011 - Original release date postponed because I am not happy with UI in Sproutcore 1.0. Tables for displaying log entries are not work working very well. (Milestone missed).

  • AUG 2011 - UI re-write in Sproutcore 2.0. (Done)

  • OCT 2011 - Tentative alpha release.

  • DEC 2011 - Monitoring.


Special Note for Sproutcore Coders

The Sproutcore 2 source files are in src/main/sc2.

Sproutcore functionality used in the code include:

  • Templates
  • Data Store
  • State Charts
  • DateTime
  • Bindings and custom binding transforms
  • Strings Localization
  • jQuery UI integration

I'm slowly blogging about my experiences with Sproutcore 2.