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Lightning Network Daemon API Documentation Site

API Documentation for the Lightning Network Daemon, powered by Slate


This repository contains functionality for programmatically pulling API information from lncli -h and rpc.proto on the lnd Github, using a Python script and Jinja2 template to output Slate markdown, which itself generates the fully rendered static site.

Pay special attention to the files inside the templates directory. They contain the Jinja2 templates fed into the Python script, holding the basic format and introductory information for the site.

Running the site locally

Important: You need to run all commands from the root directory!


You're going to need:

  • Docker CE installed

Building the docker image

This step is only necessary if a file inside the docker/ folder was changed. To just run everything, you can skip this step as the scripts will just use the image guggero/lightning-api from Docker Hub.


Regenerating the markdown from the proto files

This step will check out the latest sources, copy the *.proto files and then regenerate the documentation markdown.


You should now see updated * files in the sources folder.

Running locally

To verify everything was updated/generated correctly, a local server can be spun up with the following command:


You can now see the docs at http://localhost:4567.