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Engineering Blockchain and Smart contracts.

Blockchain Consulting & Development

We help you build the right products for your users.

We build, deploy and manage innovative blockchain solutions at scale

We provide solutions for companies to approach commerce, trading, transparency, security, identification, supply chain and auditing systems powered by blockchain and smart contracts.

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  1. join-us Public

    Join us by opening a PR

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  2. dotfiles Public

    Forked from holman/dotfiles

    Lightrains dotfiles

    Shell 1 2

  3. sceb Public

    SCEB: Smart Contract Templates for Everyday Banking

    CoffeeScript 6 2

  4. Next.js 12 Tailwind 3 Boilerplate

    JavaScript 4 2

  5. Forked from quizzedat/api-boilerplate

    Fastify, Mongoose, JWT and Fluent Schema boilerplate

    JavaScript 1 3


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