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An application to scan a user's computer and determine if it is the target of the Gauss Virus or not
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Gauss Crack

The goal of the program is to find the target of the Gauss Virus so that the encrypted payload can finally be decrypted.

Download here - Screenshots can be found on the wiki.

The algorithm steps taken by this application are outlined in the blog


Gauss Crack was created in response to the Gauss Virus. The Gauss Virus contains an encrypted payload designed to target computers with a very specific configuration. In fact, the configuration is so specific, that the exact configuration required to decrypt the encrypted payload is still unknown! The virus employs a very novel algorithm to ensure the payload stays encrypted until its needed. Gauss Crack mimics the algorithm in an attempt to find the correct configuration so the payload can finally be decrypted and analyzed. See the algorithm, or download and test your system now.


  • Quick explination of the code:
    • Written using Qt's C++ framework. Generates a queue of all the keypairs then uses a variable number of threads to hash them
    • MainWindow
      • All user input / output
    • KeyPairQueue
      • Gets all the environment paths and applicaiton names outlined in validation step 1 and creates a queue of the key pairs
    • HashThread
      • Pulls a keypair from the queue, appends salt, does the actual hashing and comparing
    • HashGenerator
      • Contains and manages multiple HashThreads. Intermediate between HashThread and MainWindow

Copyright (c) 2012, Daniel White. Released under the MIT License

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