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JQuery Validation UI Plugin - Client Side Validation without writing JavaScript
Groovy JavaScript CSS Gosu
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.settings Initial import.
bak Ready for 0.1 release.
grails-app Fixed value placeholder defect [[[JqueryValidationUIValuePlaceholder]…
src update release note for 1.4.4
test Fix #15 Messages are now escaped properly for javascript
web-app release 1.4.8. Upgrade to grails 2.3.1, fixed issue of custom id for …
.classpath upgrade to Grails 2.1.0, apply pull request, ready for 1.2.4 release
.gitignore Fix #15 Messages are now escaped properly for javascript
.project Implemented 3 custom constraints from jquery validation: letterswithb…
LICENSE.txt Initial import. Add readme to project
Todo.txt 1.0.1 Release. Make custom taglib work with freemarker-tags plugin Fixed value placeholder defect [[[JqueryValidationUIValuePlaceholder]…

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