Django 1.4+ project template layout. Run: startproject --template= --extension=py,rst project_name
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Django Layout

django-layout provides sane defaults for new Django projects based on established best practices. To use django-layout run the following command: startproject --template= --extension=py,rst,gitignore,example project_name


The text following this comment block will become the README.rst of the new project.

{{ project_name }}


To bootstrap the project:

virtualenv {{ project_name }}
source {{ project_name }}/bin/activate
cd path/to/{{ project_name }}/repository
pip install -r requirements.pip
pip install -e .
cp {{ project_name }}/settings/ {{ project_name }}/settings/ syncdb --migrate


Developer documentation is available in Sphinx format in the docs directory.

Initial installation instructions (including how to build the documentation as HTML) can be found in docs/install.rst.