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Contributing | Formatting Guide

Linode maintains a library of tutorials hosted at The guides serve as an easy to follow reference for Linux, web servers, development, and more.


  1. Fork and clone this repository.

  2. Download and install Hugo version v0.83.1. Installation instructions for different operating systems are available in the Hugo documentation library.

  3. In your terminal, navigate into the cloned docs repository.

  4. Use the Node Version Manager (NVM) to install and use version 13.14.0 of Node:

     nvm install 13.14.0
     nvm use 13.14.0
  5. Install the Node dependencies:

     npm install
  6. Start the local Hugo web server:

     hugo server
  7. In a web browser, navigate to localhost:1313/docs/.

How can I write a guide?

We are constantly looking to improve the quality of our library. Visit our Contribute Page.

More detailed instructions on submitting a pull request can be found here.